We are a team of political/third sector veterans and digital experts with over 200 years of high-level experience between ourselves. We setup Net Campaigning to fulfil what we saw as an unmet need for a digital agency that really understands the political and non-profit sector.

With offices across the world we can both work around the clock and also employ relevant local expertise with exacting attention to detail that helps you win and meets your goals.

We have a rigorous work methodology with initial consultation to identity your correct requirements and technologies to employ. This leads into a design and build phase where we utilise best-in-class skills and technologies. Then we market and train your staff to keep your presence up-to-date. Finally we implement an ongoing three stage process of monitoring, analysing and adapting.

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We work with
  • Politicians
  • Political parties
  • Think tanks
  • Charities
  • Non-profits
  • Corporates

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